Our collaboration on Anaphylaxis began in 2003, when we performed it at the Seattle International Fringe Festival, where the piece was awarded Artistic Pick. We planned to develop the piece further, following Scott and Mary Jane’s move to New York.

We are three artists with a long history of collaboration. We met and worked together in various shows in Seattle almost a decade ago, and we have forged bonds through work, friendship, travel, and love. Our paths have taken us in many directions – regional theatre, developing new work, the fringe circuit, playwrighting, video editing – and we have three very distinct viewpoints. Anaphylaxis is a physical, dynamic, visually striking piece that reflects our passion for compelling and intriguing storytelling.

Complete cast & crew:

Sheila Daniels
Mary Jane Gibson
Writer / Actor
Scott Nath
Actor / Video Designer
Mark Valadez
Sound Designer
Dan Glass
Console Designer
Peter Hoerburger
Lighting Designer
Mickey Lee Nelson
Stage Manager